John Deere z915e Upgraded Tires for 2019

Woodward Acres - Carlisle AT101 for John Deere z915e

I just purchased a set of Carlisle AT101 tires for my John Deere z915e commercial zero turn mower. Why did you do that Shawn? Great question....I am tired of looking down and seeing my tires spin and my mower not move. Like so many before me this typically happens near hills and it also happens if the grass is a bit damp. Most of my yard is hills so I hope this helps. 

Today is December 29th and I live in Iowa so I can't go out and make a video of me spinning out to show exactly what I am talking about.....I will need you to trust me. 

The rear tires on my machine are 24x12.00x12 so the question of the day - Will this work or did I just waste close to a couple hundred dollars?

Woodward Acres - Carlisle AT101 Amazon Screenshot

If you have experience please comment below as I would value your input. In the spring I will make a video of them in action and if I can get some clips of the before tires spinning I will do that too.

Have a happy new year!

John Deere z915e Upgraded Tires for 2019 John Deere z915e Upgraded Tires for 2019 Reviewed by Shawn on December 29, 2018 Rating: 5