Cheap Fence to Keep Deer Away

deer fence at woodward acres

It's that time of year again where I need to worry about protecting our young trees from deer. The main difference this year is we have a lot more trees to worry about than we have in the past. If money didn't matter I think anyone could run to their local Theisens or Tractor Supply and pick up some woven wire fence and a bunch of metal t-posts. Unfortunately, money does matter so this is what I came up with to fence around a bunch of trees and still keep it affordable.

First we needed posts. I went to Menards and bought several standard construction grade 2x4's. I ripped them down on my table saw to 3 long strips which later got cut in half on my miter saw which left me 6 stakes roughly 4 feet long each. The last thing I did was cut a 45 degree angle on one end of every stake to give it a sharp edge to help with driving it into the ground. I got 6 stakes out of a single 2x4 so each stake cost me about $0.50.

Wooden Stakes for Fence around trees at Woodward Acres
For the actual fence material I chose green snow fence and attached it to the fence with zip ties. In my case I decided to use 3 stakes per tree and make a triangle design.

Tree Stakes at Woodward Acres

Protect Small Trees from Deer at Woodward Acres

More Deer Fence around Small Trees at Woodward Acres

So far so good but really only time will tell. Even though the stakes are not green treated I don't think they will fully rot so I should be able to use them for a few years. Below is a video of putting the fence up. 

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