John Deere 2025r Bucket Upgrades

Jones County Ironworks Bolt on Hooks and Piranha Tooth Bar

A couple of weeks ago I upgraded the bucket for my John Deere 2025r. I added a Piranha Tooth Bar and a couple of bolt on hooks from Jones County Ironworks

Here is a video of the upgrade process.

Let me tell you - if you are on the fence about this tooth bar I can 100% say BUY IT! I have moved tons of dirt and tons of rock and it has made my life much easier. You normally wouldn't consider a small tractor for "digging" but with this tooth bar it adds a whole new element to my tractor. 

I was a little concerned about scooping material off of pavement and that hasn't been an issue either. Since putting this on I have moved about 50 tons of rock for a retaining wall backfill project and it cleans the pavement just like my flat bucket did. 

I haven't had to use the hooks too much but it saves a fair amount of effort vs wrapping a chain around the entire bucket. 

2 purchases I would recommend adding to your bucket if you are in the market. 
John Deere 2025r Bucket Upgrades John Deere 2025r Bucket Upgrades Reviewed by Shawn on August 17, 2018 Rating: 5