Garden Preparation: Adding Black Dirt

Woodward Acres: John Deere 2025r with H130 Loader and Frontier BB5048L Box Blade

Last week we spent a little time getting the garden ready. We had a truck load of black dirt delivered and we wanted to get mixed in to the garden. If you recall we did till the garden last fall but this spring we used the space to temporally store trees while we sold them and that packed everything down again.

I recently picked up a 48" box blade and this was the perfect excuse to use it. I hadn't used this piece of equipment before and at first I wasn't sure it was doing much but as soon as I adjusted the shanks down I realized it's value.

We did create a few videos of the process so please take a look.

I am currently up to my neck in a landscaping project for the front of our house but fingers crossed we can actually plant the garden tomorrow as well.

Garden Preparation: Adding Black Dirt Garden Preparation: Adding Black Dirt Reviewed by Shawn on May 27, 2018 Rating: 5