2018 Fish Days

Woodward Acres Stock Water Tub

A few years ago we had a fish kill in the pond in our back yard. When this happened all of the grass carp died along with a bunch of larger bass. This resulted in surface moss getting worse and worse each summer and the size of all of the surviving bluegill have gotten considerably smaller.

Our family friend Phil called me a few weeks ago and let me know that he had made a fish order at Wayne Feed Services in Cascade, Iowa on our behalf. He knew I was swamped and he also knew that was something I wanted to get done so I appreciated him pulling the trigger.
  • 3 grass carp
  • 24 large mouth bass
  • 24 hybrid bluegill
How big were these fish going to be? I had no idea! My mom had ordered fish before so I asked her if I could just take a few buckets filled with water and she laughed at me. Now I have no idea how many fish she has ordered before but I'm guessing it was more than I got. 

I went to Theisens and bought a 100 gallon stock tank. Spoiler alerts: WAY MORE THAN I NEEDED!

The fish ended up being really tiny and a few buckets of pond water would have been completely sufficient. I have an idea on how I can use the tank to help water trees but that will be another post and video once I prove that out.

Here is a video that I made to show how the process worked.

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