Review: Kamp Champ Kindling Cutter

Kamp Champ Kindling Cutter

A couple of weeks ago I picked up a "Kamp Champ" from Jones County Ironworks which is their version of a kindling cutter. My first impression was I was pleasantly surprised it was larger than what they sell at other stores. The other thing I noticed was it was constructed out of solid steel and not cast iron. Considering I have kids who will inevitably miss and hit it with a hammer I feel it should be able to take the abuse a little better.

Here is a video of us trying it out and our first impressions.

It works. This product works as designed and as marketed. It will allow me to cut kindling to help make a fire without using an axe or hatchet and risking cutting a finger off. If you camp or heat your home in the winter with wood I would recommend owning one of these.

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Review: Kamp Champ Kindling Cutter Review: Kamp Champ Kindling Cutter Reviewed by Shawn on April 17, 2018 Rating: 5