Concrete in the New Building

The snow isn't gone but winter is technically over so it's time to get some concrete put in our new building. We hired ACE Concrete LLC and found Beau and Cody and the rest of the team very easy to work with. Before the year is over we have a lot of concrete projects lined up but getting the floor poured is the first step.

I had to be gone the day of prepping so I didn't get any videos or pictures but today was pouring day and here are some pictures and videos.

We plan to eventually insulate our building so we installed R-10 2 inch panels under the floor. This should help prevent a wet floor in the spring.

The concrete was ordered from Rogers Concrete which is just a couple of miles from my home. Our children attend the same school and they donate a lot to the school so I was happy they could be involved. 

Concrete in the New Building Concrete in the New Building Reviewed by Shawn on March 31, 2018 Rating: 5