Is Winter over yet?

Just came in from cleaning up last nights snow storm and with it only being 8 degrees outside my fingers are frozen. Perhaps the worst part was I didn't even know it was going to snow last night.

I can confidently say we are ready for winter to be OVER!

Yesterday I talked to Marvin from Dutch Bros. Construction and admitted I forgot to have them add gutters to our new out building. This was 100% apparent the other morning when I went outside and went to get in the truck and lost my shoe in the mud. Thankfully they also do gutters because our roof is a custom color and it's important to my wife that the gutters match the roof. They said they will be here within the next couple of weeks so that should be one thing I can mark off my list.

I also ordered a garage door for our building from Raynor Door in Cedar Rapids, IA. We chose them for a few reasons. The first was they put the garage doors on our home so I know they could get one to match. The second and most important was so far they appear to know what they charge and there isn't a complicated back and forth. I spoke to others and kinda got the run around. The guy I have been working with was nice and understood that he know's more about garage doors than I do. The good news is I want that in a garage door place because at the end of the day I don't really know shit about garage doors nor do I want to know a lot about them.

We also spoke to a concrete company to get an updated quote on putting in a floor as soon as it warms up. I had someone lined up but they didn't really know what they charged as that number changed every time we spoke. It will be nice to get that scheduled as well.

My brother agreed to come help us move a bunch of dirt this spring too. I will share more about that when the time comes.

This will be a really busy year! We have a lot of projects on our to do list this year and we are ready to get started.

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