New Building is Gonna Need Electricity!

Woodward Acres: Ditch Witch R65

Now that the final piece of metal has been screwed down on my new shop I think it's time to get electric available. To achieve that I called Josh Soper with Soper Electric from Wyoming, Iowa. Because my son and I think machines like this are cool I took some pictures and videos.

Josh installed a 100amp sub panel in our new building in a day. Because we live in Jones County my first choice is to support a local business from Jones County. I have known Josh pretty much my entire life so in this case I didn't make any other calls. What I really like about working with Soper's is they are a 1 stop shop, Dave is a plumber, Josh is an electrician and Jason is a plumber and HVAC.

Woodward Acres: Trenching Electric to New Building

Here is a video of the trenching job.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need any services I would recommend Soper's from Wyoming, Iowa. 

New Building is Gonna Need Electricity! New Building is Gonna Need Electricity! Reviewed by Shawn on December 02, 2017 Rating: 5