What's New? Gas Line moved, building site prepped, deer damage

Woodward Acres: New Gas Line to House

What's new?

I had a strong feeling that when the site was being prepped for our new out building the main gas line to our home was going to get damaged. The reason I felt this way was the gas company had marked where the line was run and estimated it to be buried 18" deep. The problem was it was obvious we were going to have to dig into the hill side deeper than 18" and as expected the gas line was cut. In the big picture that was a small issue, the bigger issue was uncovered when I had professionals come to see what it would take to repair it. The result was we needed to move where the gas entered our home because the builder concreted over things and I would have had to make a huge expensive mess  to get things fixed. Trenching a new line and rerunning the gas lines inside my house was actually the "better" solution.

Woodward Acres: Building Site Prep

Originally I thought this new building was going to get put up in May and I was clearly wrong. The company we are working with are extremely busy and it looks like they now are coming next week. I am not even a little upset because I want the company I work with to be busy, that tells me they do a good job.

Woodward Acres: Trench New Gas Line

Fall season is 100% upon us and with that we are in the rut for whitetail deer. What does that mean? It means a few things but for the purpose of this post it means deer are in the season where they want to rub their antlers on little trees and from this they do a lot of damage. In the past I have planted trees to sacrifice to this and they somehow knew to still kill my little evergreens. This year I even wrapped them in snow fence but the deer have been able to remove the snow fence and still damage some trees.

Woodward Acres: Tree Damage

The work never ends. Hope you are having a nice fall.
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