Ground Preparation for New Building

Earlier this year we decided to get a building put up on our property and we are finally at the stage where we are starting to see some movement. The size of it will be 24' by 40' and hopefully this will free up enough space where my wife and I can both park in our house garage during the winter months.

While the ground was being prepped the liquid propane (LP) gas line was broken which has left us with no furnace or kitchen stove/oven. The good news is we live in Jones County and everyone who lives here is amazing. Soper Plumbing and AgVantage are working together to get everything resolved. Here are some pictures and a video I took of the dirt work being done.

Leytem Trucking is who we are working with to get the ground prepped and they also delivered rock that will be used by the builders to set the posts. Derrick Leytem is the owner and also happens to be a good friend of mine so he was nice enough to let my son sit in his truck while he dumped the rock. 

Here are some pictures and a video of the rock being delivered.

Thank you Derrick with Leytem Trucking!
Thank you Bart with AgVantage!
Thank you Jason with Soper Plumbing!

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