John Deere 2025r Seat Upgrade

John Deere 2025r Factory Seat Spring

I have owned my John Deere 2025r since the fall of 2013 and one issue I have had is the seat is a rather rough ride. In the last few years I have wanted to watch videos on what others have done to resolve this issue but nothing really existed so I thought I would share what I did to try and make the ride a little better.

Before today I must admit I ordered the Michigan Highback Suspension Seat for $349 with the thought I could have Jones County Ironworks make me an adapter and life would be grand. The road block with the plan was after I put the Michigan seat in place it sat several inches higher and because of my height 6'6" it was uncomfortable because the steering wheel doesn't adjust.

This week I thought I would take another crack at making this better. I ended up on the website Ken's Bolt on Hooks and was looking at the springs they sell to upgrade the seat for the 1 series tractor. After reading a few forums I thought this might work for my 2 series too. I emailed them and asked them if they had heard of anyone else using their springs on machines such as the 2025r and unfortunately they had not. I will admit they were super cool and told me they weren't sure their springs would work but they told me to go check out part # M154605. Each spring cost between $7 and $8 so giving it a try was automatic. I haven't bought anything from Ken yet but I will be ordering the bucket hooks shortly. The display of integrity telling me straight up they weren't sure their product would work and suggesting something else is a level of customer service you simply don't see much of today. (Thank you Ken!)

M154605 2025r Seat Upgrade

As you can see the new springs didn't fit right out of the box. At the time of this writing I "installed" them in a very temporary way because I do want to use the machine for a few hours to see how it will work long term. I did cut off the bottom portion of the rubber springs and caulked them on to the top of the new springs to prevent them from rubbing directly on the seat.

2025r Seat Upgrade with M154605

Here is a video I recorded with my phone of the process. I haven't had much luck with finding videos for my specific model of tractor so if you are having the same troubles I hope this helps. After I ride for a few hours I will leave an update on how it works.


After getting some feedback from forums, comments etc. I made another video to try and make this upgrade even better. In summary I removed the plate and slid the springs in from the bottom and then bolted the plate back down.

Here are some pictures of what the current upgrade looks like.

John Deere 2025r Seat Upgrade John Deere 2025r Seat Upgrade Reviewed by Shawn on September 07, 2017 Rating: 5