Custom Concrete Tables

This fall we have been selling outdoor tables with a custom concrete top. We have been selling via Craigslist and Facebook but will be adding a page to this site dedicated to those types of projects. I will be taking more photographs this weekend and will be sharing more of the details then. Right now I can confidently say these will be the last set of outdoor tables that you will ever need to buy.

The legs and base are constructed out of AC2 green treated lumber rated for ground contact. The legs and base have also been sanded smooth and in the picture above been finished with exterior primer and exterior white paint. Because they are custom the legs could be finished many different ways including switching the material for a high end cedar that naturally will hold up to the elements.

The tops are made out of a high end concrete that also include mesh for additional strength. They are all sanded very smooth and lastly been sealed for extra protection.

As we approach the end of the summer season you can expect the prices to be reduced to move our final inventory.

Any questions please don't hesitate to ask and please check back soon for more details about the tables and other furniture projects that are for sale and can also be custom ordered.

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