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Headphones are everywhere and every single pair claim to be better than any other pair you have ever put in or on your ears. Today I am going to share my experience so far with the ISO tunes PRO set that I recently ordered and now have used for about 7 hours.

Before we get into how I like them I thought I would take a minute and quickly point out what problems I was trying to solve.

1. Wireless - I needed to move to a wireless pair of headphones for the obvious reasons. Wires suck! When I am driving a tractor and need to jump down and run a chain around the front end loader the wires 100% get in my way.

2. Volume - When using the headphones that came with my IPhone 7 I simply couldn't hear my music, even if I had it on full blast. I typically listen to either classic country (Waylon Jennings, Hank Williams Sr. etc) or heavy metal (Hatebreed, Lamb of God etc) and with the noise of a tractor or a lawn mower I flat out couldn't hear.

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Here is a photo of the headphones I was using before. Another issue I ran into was when I would get sweaty they would fall out of my ears. I even tried to put these in and then put the headphones on over top that I use when shooting firearms and besides looking stupid that didn't work at all.

A lot of people are giving 10% off if you click on their link when you purchase these all while telling you how great they are. I don't have a link because I am not getting paid to share this - I am just going to give you my review for what it's worth.

Do they work: Yes the bluetooth connected to my IPhone 7 just as you would expect. When that happens all things that make a sound now has that sound coming out of your headphones.

Are they the best headphones ever: Probably not but they do work. Even when driving a tractor I can hear my music but I still need to play it on full blast. They are noise canceling but that doesn't mean you put them in and you hear nothing - it just means they try and cancel some of the outside noise out. To me noise canceling means the same effect I have when I put my shooting ear muffs on - now that is noise canceling. They are not that.

Wireless: Yes they are wireless and that part kicks ass.

Am I happy: Yes I am happy. They are wireless and I can hear my music. Do they sound as good as Bose or Beats by Dr. Dre? No I don't think they do. They don't have amazing bass but they also don't claim to. Keep in mind they are $79 after you put your email address in and get 10% off which means you didn't spend $300. Which ultimately means they get a pass on a few things when being compared to more expensive sets.

Would I buy them again: Yes, at the end of the day I wasn't expecting anything more than what they are. I am satisified with them and if your needs are similar to mine you will be happy. I needed something where the cords don't get in my way and I can hear what I need. Check and Check.

Below are a couple of unboxing videos.

Review: ISO Tunes PRO Review: ISO Tunes PRO Reviewed by Shawn on August 09, 2017 Rating: 5