John Deere Mower Upgrades for 5 acres

John Deere z915e

For the last five years we have been mowing roughly 5+ acres of grass every week. This might not seem like a lot to some but we moved here from the city where we only had a 1/4 acre lot and we had a house on that lot. A push mower was more than enough considering we could mow in about 30 minutes. At that time we also didn't have any kids so I often think back and wonder what on earth did I do with all of my time.

John Deere x728

We knew we needed to upgrade from a push mower and our first mower purchase was a John Deere x728. The main reason we bought this machine was because of the hills on our property we wanted something that was 4 wheel drive. I am also 6' 6" so even if we had less property I really couldn't fit on much smaller of a machine. This machine worked well and handled the hills without any issues. Our needs quickly out grew this machine because we needed our mower to be more than just a lawn mower. Time to upgrade to a tractor.
John Deere 2025r
The first winter hadn't even arrived yet and we were back at a dealer trading up to a John Deere 2025r. This machine has solved many of our problems. There are essentially unlimited attachments you can purchase to address almost any issue you may come across. At times I have found this machine to be a little under powered but I quickly learned I have a little extra time if I need to slow down but what I didn't have was the amount of money it would take to buy a new "bigger" tractor. (I will do a full review on this machine at a later time)

The main issue I have had with the 2025r was my wife has never really been comfortable driving it. The mowing time to mow our property with this machine was around 5 hours. I know some people in forums and such say that would be great and they would love more "seat time" but honestly I have plenty to do. My wife doesn't have to mow the lawn but it would be cool if she felt comfortable to mow if she wanted to.

Last week it was time to get the check book out!

I didn't trade anything in I just added another machine to our already filled garage. After about 5 trips to the local John Deere dealership and reviewing the end of the year specials we added a commercial John Deere z915e. Neither myself or my wife had driven a zero turn mower before but all of our friends were pretty convincing that this would save us a bunch of time in the long run.

John Deere z915e

Why did I buy a commercial machine instead of a larger residential machine? Simple - because of my height I couldn't push the handles all the way forward without my legs getting in the way.

This machine was delivered last Friday and below is a couple of videos of my wife driving it during the first 15 or so minutes of us owning it. After I knew she was comfortable driving this machine I got on the 2025r and we finished mowing in under 2 hours. This will get faster the more comfortable she and I get on the zero turn mower.

I can't speak much to driving the new mower yet as I only drove it for about 4 minutes. If I ever get the chance I will share more of my experience.

John Deere z915e

The grass in these videos is pretty tall, we had only had a rotary cutter cut it about 2 to 3 weeks earlier. Our intention is to start maintaining all of this property like we use to as part of our lawn.

I am a firm believer if you have the right tool for the job the job itself becomes a non issue. Fingers crossed I have the right tool for the job now. 
John Deere Mower Upgrades for 5 acres John Deere Mower Upgrades for 5 acres Reviewed by Shawn on August 09, 2017 Rating: 5