Review: Hammerhead Torpedo 136cc

After test driving the Monster Moto 80cc we took a drive back to Theisens so we could take a look at the Hammerhead Torpedo 136cc. At a price point of $100 more I thought I would share a little bit about our experience so far in case you might be in the market for a go kart such as this one.

First off I will share that I recently learned that Polaris Industries bought Hammerhead in 2015. I can't really explain why this brings a little comfort to my decision but it does. I currently own a 2012 Polaris Sportsman 550 that I have had absolutely no issues with.

Our concerns with other go karts we looked at were lack of power, no suspension and lastly it might be nice if at some point my son could let his sister ride with him. All of these items are addressed with this machine. I do have the ability to adjust how far my son can push the accelerator pedal and I currently have it set as low as I possibly can make it and there is still plenty of power to handle all of the terrain that we have. You can probably tell from my voice in the videos I was surprised at how much power it really had.

It does have adjustable springs/suspension and after riding for a couple of days my son doesn't even mention how "bumpy" the ride is.

This machine was already assembled so I had people help me load it up because we did pull the trigger and buy it.

After about 2 days I have two concerns. The first is we adjust the seat belt to fit firmly and after 5 minutes it is not holding it's position. This isn't a big deal as long as he never with that said it's kind of a big deal. The second issue we have come across is before I let my son drive it I never went around and made sure all bolts etc were tight. This morning as it was being used the bleeping steering wheel fell off!! No one got hurt but they easily could have. I tightened the bolts but will be getting a little longer bolts and picking up some lock washers etc so this never happens again.

I think the above picture represents my sons feelings on getting a go kart today. In one of the videos I mention it but there is a metal plate that you could easily hit the back of your head on so we also stopped at our local power sports store and got him fitted for a helmet. After taxes the helmet ran about $125 but my wife reminded me that is pretty much what we pay for an emergency room visit. I think all parents would agree I would rather prevent an E.R. visit if possible. What I was taught was I do not know how to fit a child for a helmet. With a little help we got what I hope works out.

Review: Hammerhead Torpedo 136cc Review: Hammerhead Torpedo 136cc Reviewed by Shawn on July 09, 2017 Rating: 5