Monster Moto 80cc Test Drive

This past Friday afternoon a family friend dropped off his daughters Monster Moto 80cc go kart so my son could test drive it prior to us going out and making a purchase. I have been shopping and trying to do my homework for about a year but honestly I think I have been spinning in circles for the last few months as this is slightly outside of what I know about. I decided on a go kart over a youth ATV for two main reasons. 1) Because they sit lower to the ground I think overall they would be safer. 2) My son is upgrading from a toy John Deere Gator Power wheels and I think he isn't ready for front brakes vs. rear brakes. He needs a this pedal goes and this pedal stops situation.

The other thing I was running into was every time I looked at another options I caught myself saying something like - this new thing is only $100 more than you wanted to spend! Do that a few times and you quickly get out of budget. I looked on craigslist for a long time thinking I could get this done for the $500 ballpark but my main issue their is I am not super experienced with mechanical things and I didn't want to inherit someone else's problems. So then my budget jumped to the $1000 range and at our local Theisens this particular item was listed at $699.

I am VERY thankful our friends let us borrow this for a couple of days because like I said I don't know a bunch about these types of things but I was ready to go out and buy one mainly because they had one and my buddy knows about this type of stuff.

A couple of things we learned quickly:

1) This machine is a little under powered for the property we own. We have some big hills and some really small humps and there were times my son would just stop yet the engine was running. I would run up and see if he was okay and he would say "Dad it won't go!" so I would give it a little push up the hill and then it would take off.

2) The other item I learned about was suspension. This little cart has no suspension. Our friend who dropped it off also gave us a throw boat cushion that his kids sit on because the ride can get rather rough in a hurry. My son's experience was no exception to this rule. After about 10 or so trips around the yard my son was ready to shut it off because in his words "It's too bumpy".

This machine would be great if you had a relatively flat area to drive it. I have included a few videos below so you can get an idea of where we were driving it etc. My son is only 5 years old but he is big for his age. I am 6'6" and the doctors tell us my son is 100% for height and he currently weighs about 50 lbs. I am not bragging but in case you are in the market for a go kart you have something to compare against.

We did not buy this go kart and will be returning it with maybe a case of beer for my friends trouble in bringing it over.

Ps - In some of these videos I was calling this machine a Monster Moo Moo, yes like a cow. I guess in my head I read moo like a cow instead of reading Moto. I wasn't trying to cut the machine down I guess sometimes I am just an idiot. Thanks!

Monster Moto 80cc Test Drive Monster Moto 80cc Test Drive Reviewed by Shawn on July 09, 2017 Rating: 5